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It was in January this year when I first came across Dan Griffin. I had gratefully stumbled across a song called “The Hum” and it pretty much blew my mind. Here was a tune that was equal parts CHVRCHES and Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen for its small town dreams of escapism, CHVRCHES for its electronic heartbeat, forcing the narrative along to it’s synthy conclusion. I was fascinated by the story behind the song, as I had learnt of this strange phenomenon throughout my many years reading the Fortean Times. In certain cities in America (It’s normally America) an eerie hum can be heard with no known source. Some people can hear it, while others can’t. Some put it down to ambient animal noises, but there is a large portion of people out in the mid-west that believe its something otherworldly.

“Bordertown” the title track from the EP. Ace!

What is somewhat supernatural is the amount of time I have spent banging on about this EP to everyone I meet. Friends, Family, Felines, have all been press-ganged into flying the Dan Griffin flag, and here is why you should buy it. It’s an EP you will never stop listening to. It already sounds like a classic and I almost don’t want to hear an album as it might tarnish this, my perfect listening experience.



Find out more about Dan Griffin using the links below, buy the the tape on Cassette Store Day 2014 (September 27th) and then buy it online right here from September 28th!









TWO albums in one!


This year, more than most, I have become obsessed with certain songs. Obsessed to the point where I listen to a song on repeat for half a day until the lyrics become meaningless and the music is less music and more the sound of my heartbeat wowing and fluttering until sleep brings me sweet relief. This happened, quite suddenly with the M&O song “Jimi Savannah”. I first heard it while scouring the depths of the internet for new music to populate my radio show (I no longer do my radio show btw, in case you’ve been tuning in on Sundays!) and often tried to find excuses to play it twice on the same show. I then found out that M&O had an album with this song on it called “The Joy” and it fast became one of my standard go-to albums for when I needed guaranteed audio quality. But lo, what’s this? They have another album that preceded, called “Almost Us” and it features multiple guest appearances including Chance The Rapper? Amazing! Let’s stop here for just one second.


this album is “The Joy” and is Side A of the tape!

What if I told you there was a way to catch up on both of these incredible albums in a short space of time? What if I then went on to tell you there was a sure-fire way to be able to say to your best friend Bob (if you have a best friend and his name is Bob) “Bob, I know we have just recently become best friends, after a year or two of hanging out as just regular friends, and there was that one time where we fell out over that girl with the broken arm who works at the counter at WH Smiths, but I would like to draw your attention to TWO incred albums by ONE incred band on a beautifully made Limited Edition Cassette Tape, for Cassette Store Day…” WELL NOW YOU CAN.

“Almost Us” is Side 2 of the tape!

“Adventure Soul” is the new double album exclusively to POST/POP for CSD featuring “Almost Us” and “The Joy” featuring lots of guest appearances and the best soulful pop out of Chicago, Illinois.


Available in all your favourite participating Cassette Store Day record shops on September 27th and online on POST/POP the very next day. You will also be able to buy tapes from the band themselves so go follow these links and learn more about your new favourite band!








Ltd Edition Self-Titled EP for LA’s BEGINNERS – OUT NOW!

It’s been a great summer for incredible pop songs. BEGINNERS have managed to fight their way to my “amazing pop songs that came out of nowhere list 2014”. This self-titled EP is a trojan horse of superbly-crafted earworm-cultivating pop gems that just get better the more you listen. It’s the unforgettable “Who Knows” that you might have heard of before as you’ve browsed gossip hound Perez Hilton‘s site or maybe you know the song from seeing THIS VIDEO on Huffington Post of a man dancing backwards.



BEGINNERS are Samantha Barbera – Vocals/Bass, Neeraj Kane – Guitar (Keys) and Jason Walker on Drums and they are based in LA. The best thing I can do is point you toward the video to their song “Who Knows” so you get the idea of why I’m releasing this little tape for them!

This self-titled EP is limited to 100 tapes. POST/POP has 50 that’s available in the shop and Samantha has 50 which you should be able to get from the band when they tour (I think they are going to be in europe later this year too!)

Have a look at how lovely the tape looks. Samantha wanted them to be transparent black and I’ve not made tapes with those shells before, but they came out SO good.


Buy the tape while there’s still some left by clicking on THIS LINK, or on the picture of HETTIE on the right that says “SHOP” on it! You can also buy it by walking into Rough Trade. You can find out more about BEGINNERS by clicking on the below links:




You can also buy the digital version of this EP (you know, if for some reason you’re not keen on tapes!) by visiting the BEGINNERS itunes:



hope you enjoy it guys!



p.s. this is the last POST/POP tape of the summer. Yes, there will be no tapes in August but there WILL be POST/POP tshirts! Why is there a break? because I am saving them all up for Cassette Store Day on September 27th where there will be 5 or 6 releases on one day! Very special releases from some of the biggest bands around today. There will be no preorder for these tapes, and they will be available in all good record stores and this site!



“Rahh!” is the best song I have heard in 2014. I think that’s a good place to start this. We are halfway through the year and I’ve already heard my song of the summer, nay, the year and it’s all kinds of gorgeous. PEPA KNIGHT, he of Jinja Safari, hails from Sydney, Australia but sounds like he is from another planet, deciding to visit us here on the shiny bluey-greeny thing to bestow the intergalactic gift of POP.


It’s difficult to explain how much I love this song without hearing it first. Click on that link above the article and within seconds you’ll know what I’m talking about. See? I listen to music most of my waking day (not to mention the dream hours I put in) and go all out to try to find the best songs for my radio show and I can firmly say that, this beats all of them. If I was that way inclined, I’d make this my ringtone, and send texts to everyone in my contacts saying “call now, I’m in trouble, they’ve got my….” JUST to hear “Rahh” once again (and also to test my friends and family – which is an ongoing experiment and the results are inconclusive).


So you’ve made friends with your ears, how about giving your eyes a chance?

and you can listen to “CLAMS” here too. It sounds like the euphoric moment before your childhood spaceship crashes into the Okavango Delta and spills out all the harmonies in the world into the endorheic basin of the Kalahari. It’s currently on rotation on Australia’s Triple J so if you are anywhere else in the world, this is for you!

POST/POP is releasing “Rahh” and “Clams” as a double A-side cassingle on July 16th, which is not only the day that Elvis died, but also an ex-girlfriend’s birthday so I am trying to replace bad memories with good ones. Here is the artwork and its every shade of lovely.



Find out more about PEPA KNIGHT in these places:




and if you like the cassette, (or its sold out) check out PEPA KNIGHT’s ITUNES where you can buy and listen to them in a futuristic format!










New album from NO CARS released on POST/POP and its called…

(limited edition of 50 purple cassette tapes)


Yes, thats what its called and I love them for it. You see, No Cars aren’t the type of band to shy away from japanese stereotypes. They are the type of band to take those very same Japanese Stereotypes and shove it down your kaiju-loving face.

So in this sophmore effort, No Cars have taken the general concept of the first record (YOKO EATS WHALES) – which is of course, Japanese girls being crazy, smashing things up, searching for Bowie, and how people are bitches if they don’t make you tea – and amplify it, creating a super-heightened version of reality where No Cars hang out with terribly abused sentient puppets (james anderson puppet), watch people having sex on hay bales (do re mi farming), celebrate how great cress is, finally! (cress) and also about how english guys are obsessed with japanese girls (jap trap). Are we? Probably. They always have such cool kicks.


For this release though, they now have a guy in the band called “Candy Tanaka” aka Will Kwerk, who brilliantly voices the pain of the aforementioned puppet (james anderson puppet) as the girls kick him down the street, for no real reason at all besides he is alive.

No Cars feel like that kind of band you would make up to impress some identikit hipster girl, before realising that as you are saying it out loud, you wish the band existed and the girl didn’t…. but they exist!


I am so pleased that they reworked “Tuna” on this album. It’s been a live favourite since day one and didnt make it on the debut album, but here is the video to it from the original version:

The new version on the album is twice the speed and twice the frolics, but you really have to seem them live to get the full effect.

Listen to the new songs below:

I’ve been obsessed with this band for years and lead singer Haruna needs to be held aloft as a fucking pioneer of trying to make people happy with music. The band is an inspiration to all other bands out there and if you are reading this and you are in a band yourself, listen to this album and convince your bandmates that you want to go in a Japanese direction. If they throw you out, start a No Cars cover band called “Really No Cars” or “Yes Cars“.

They are having an album launch party/gig at PAPER DRESS in london (http://paperdressvintage.co.uk/) on May 7th 2014 and not only will I be there, but HETTIE is supporting! She will be debuting tons of new songs so it really will be a great night. Did I mention it was FREE? You can buy the CDs and tapes from the band at the gig or…








POST/POP releases MODEL VILLAGE album “You Chose These Woes” in May

There’s a saying in these parts:

“If Kenny Lee is in a band, then your band is alright by me…”

Wise words my friends. Model Village are essentially the Avengers. A supergroup made up of ultra-talented musicians who sometimes get together and make beautiful music under the guise of a pop-folk band from Cambridge (Dan, Ian, Piers, Rachel, Kev, Kenny, Lily, Ellie and Mark are all current or former members of the residents’ committee.) Now I’m not saying any of them can fly per se, but THEIR SONGS SURE DO.*


“You Chose These Woes” is the second album from Model Village and its jam-packed full of songs that help you remember that folk needn’t be a dirty word. Some of the most catchy pop songs I’ve heard in a long time lies within and I’m particularly fond of “Walk it Off” as they came and performed it on my radio show. It was gorgeous-on-stilts and due to the power of the internet, here it is:

I just watched that and I forgot how special it was. Pardon my rather verite camera skills and my terrible joke at the end.

So the album came out earlier this year but not on the only format that counts… CASSETTE TAPE, so thats where I come in!

We have gone for MAY 8TH for the release date but you can even have a listen now. Watch my embedding skills…

You can buy it digitally and on CD through the band direct and you can preorder the tape right now…


Find out more here: 


and talk to them here: twitter.com/_modelvillage_




*I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise to my 16 year old self for that segue. Also for not yet owning a Segway.


It’s almost time for POST/POP’s most eagerly awaited release so far… “ADVENTURES IN HOME TAPING”

In case you haven’t heard about The Most Ambitious Tape Release For 30 Years, let me bring you up to speed. In collaboration with Reddit’s r/cassetteculture, I chose the best 26 bands that frequent this tape-friendly subreddit, and put them in an order that will nicely compliment the theme of the album… ADVENTURE! It was originally called “Choose Your Own Adventure” but Chooseco threatened me with legal action, so I changed it. We also had to change the art work, but everyone agrees it has turned out even better! The album is professionally recorded onto high quality RED cassettes and comes with a short story to read along with the music. It’s written by me, so you might actually forget there is music playing as you will be so involved in the story – but I have tested it and if you read it at a regular pace, it will be the exact right length of the tape. It’s very interactive and there will be times during the story where you will have to make decisions that you might find unusual at first, but please go with it! Anyway, we have sold a lot of these albums via pre-order, so when it is released on March 26th, you will need to act fast if you want to buy one!

With this in mind, I have already started to formulate “Adventures In Home Taping: Vol 2” (provisional title!) and this time I am going to feature 52 bands. “52 bands you say, Jed? On tape? But that’s impossible!” I really didn’t like turning down bands, and since this album was announced, I have come across dozens of amazing bands on r/cassetteculture which could have featured… so I am going to feature the best 52 bands out of the 100s on there.

If you are in a band and want to be on “Adventures In Home Taping: Vol 2”, here is what you need to do:

1: You need to register on r/cassetteculture. If you haven’t already, go to: http://www.reddit.com/r/cassetteculture and sign up. It takes 2 seconds. What is it? It’s a forum where people talk about tapes a lot and is filled with the most dedicated, amazing little bands that seem to all be on the verge of being great. Every genre/subgenre is catered for. If you’re into hip-hop, noise, experimental, pop and everything inbetween, you’ll find a good home. I am making this a prerequisite because this is a TAPE ALBUM and this is a very good step in keeping cassette culture thriving so we can make more albums like this.

2: Make a few posts. You don’t have to set the world on fire, but y’know say something.

3: Send me your very best song! We have a dedicated email: RCCCompilation@gmail.com so send it to that.

4: Ideally, don’t send me lots of emails with a song on each. Send me your best one or two in one email otherwise it might get lost. Mark it something like “Adventures in Home Taping: Vol 2”. ANY genre is accepted but I am a big sucker for a chorus. People don’t write choruses anymore. I blame Injured Fox.

5: Thats it! What happens next is I will listen to every single song sent to me and let you know at some point between now and the end of May if your song is going on the album.

6: WHATS THE DEADLINE? There is NO deadline. As soon as I get 52 bands/songs I love, I will announce the line up on POST/POP and R/Cassetteculture.

7: If your band gets on, you’ll receive semi-regular emails, including answering some interview questions (see the ones we have done for Vol 1, they are great!) and also for any little things you need. Your suggestions are very very welcome. The bands involved can choose the colour of the tapes, how we present it, artwork, etc.

And that’s it! I also want to include a few special items with Vol 2, including ltd edition packs of cards. As there are 52 bands and 52 cards, I will get a few custom made decks produced, with each card representing the bands. If people like it, then maybe ill get more made!

POST/POP has an exciting few months before all this happens, so please spread the word and if you like great new music, jelly red tapes and interactive adventure stories, spend £3 (yes only £3!!!) on Adventure in Home Taping; Vol 1! —