“Rahh!” is the best song I have heard in 2014. I think that’s a good place to start this. We are halfway through the year and I’ve already heard my song of the summer, nay, the year and it’s all kinds of gorgeous. PEPA KNIGHT, he of Jinja Safari, hails from Sydney, Australia but sounds like he is from another planet, deciding to visit us here on the shiny bluey-greeny thing to bestow the intergalactic gift of POP.


It’s difficult to explain how much I love this song without hearing it first. Click on that link above the article and within seconds you’ll know what I’m talking about. See? I listen to music most of my waking day (not to mention the dream hours I put in) and go all out to try to find the best songs for my radio show and I can firmly say that, this beats all of them. If I was that way inclined, I’d make this my ringtone, and send texts to everyone in my contacts saying “call now, I’m in trouble, they’ve got my….” JUST to hear “Rahh” once again (and also to test my friends and family – which is an ongoing experiment and the results are inconclusive).


So you’ve made friends with your ears, how about giving your eyes a chance?

and you can listen to “CLAMS” here too. It sounds like the euphoric moment before your childhood spaceship crashes into the Okavango Delta and spills out all the harmonies in the world into the endorheic basin of the Kalahari. It’s currently on rotation on Australia’s Triple J so if you are anywhere else in the world, this is for you!

POST/POP is releasing “Rahh” and “Clams” as a double A-side cassingle on July 16th, which is not only the day that Elvis died, but also an ex-girlfriend’s birthday so I am trying to replace bad memories with good ones. Here is the artwork and its every shade of lovely.



Find out more about PEPA KNIGHT in these places:


and if you like the cassette, (or its sold out) check out PEPA KNIGHT’s ITUNES where you can buy and listen to them in a futuristic format!












I guess you could tape the song off the radio, print out this artwork and then not buy the tape, but don't do that please!
I guess you could tape the song off the radio, print out this artwork and then not buy the tape, but don’t do that please!


When I first started POST/POP, Apple Eyes were one of the first bands on my list to approach about releasing a tape, just after SLAYER and the soundtrack to Ernest Scared Stupid. Slayer rudely never came back to me and Jim Varney died (RIP) so I was very pleased it wasn’t 3 strikes out.

apple eyes tapes

I’ve known Claire and Matt from Apple Eyes for about 10 years (?!), through various different bands including; Fantastic Mr Fox, The Hidden Messages and now Apple Eyes. The one thing that connects all of these bands is the pursuit of pop perfection (high five to all the alliteration-heads out there) and in every iteration, there has been some of the best choruses committed to song. Body Double is no different, and I’d go as far as saying its their most “Immediate” song yet. what do I mean by “Immediate“? It’s how you measure a good pop song; by its immediacy. How quick you say the words “FUCK THAT’S A GOOD SONG!” is where a tune sits on the Immediacy Scale. Even though I’ve only just invented the Immediacy Scale, “Body Double” by Apple Eyes gets a high 9.5.



Sweetabix right? You can preorder now by clicking on the shop link at the top of the page or on that picture of HETTIE over on the right or by CLICKING ON THESE WORDS.

This single is LTD to 50 beautifully poppy cassettes and Matt informed me yesterday that there is even cassette based easter eggs about halfway through the song. See if you can notice it (I didn’t until I was specifically told!)

Find out more about APPLE EYES using the links below and try not to love them TOO much as they’ll break your hearts with POP.







It has just been confirmed that the second ever Cassette Store Day is happening worldwide on September 27th 2014. Last year was big but that was before I had a record label. Now I have one, and I do lovely ltd edition tapes for the best bands around, I am going to make sure POST/POP gets involved. I intend to have a few events around this date, with gigs, meet-ups and multiple tape releases, all in celebration of cassettes!

I know the idea of having 1 day to celebrate tapes has been known to irk some tape labels (“every day is cassette store day to us man….”) but I always think it’s better that people talk about tapes for one day a year than zero days a year. This event is a way to put your label in the spotlight, which can be hard every other day of the year, as we are dealing with an old format in ltd quantities. This is the day when all that hard work you do the entire year can be appreciated by people who might not neccessarily come across it on a rainy tuesday in February. In conclusion I (and POST/POP) think CSD is a very very good thing and fully support the event and people who put it together.

This is the official word from the lovely CSD people:

Open up your Filofax, take out a pen, and save the date because Saturday September 27th 2014 marks the return of Cassette Store Day to your lives!

Following on from last year’s (unexpected) runaway success, the event will now be split between the US and UK/EU to ensure that audio cassette fans on both sides of the Atlantic get to snap up some great releases from musicians, new and old alike.

In the UK/EU Kissability and Suplex Cassettes will return to run things, and in the US, Burger Records in LA will co-ordinate the day from their end. Stores wishing to stock releases or put on an event will be able to sign up for free between June 30th and August 15th at where there will be downloadable guides for how to get involved.

Labels wishing to release a cassette on the day can also sign up from June 30th- August 15th at the same place for a small admin fee for of £10/£10. Anyone outside these territories is welcome to sign up using the UK site.

Jen Long of Kissability said, “When planning this year we really tried to keep cassette labels and fans at the heart of the event. Last year grew far bigger than we had expected so we are thrilled to have Burger involved to help us cover the US side.”

Burger Records said, “Burger Records loves tapes! We’ve built our foundation on the forgotten format and have been preaching the merits of warm analog cassette culture for years. We’re honored to be ambassadors of Cassette Store Day 2014 in the good ol USA! We plan to bring some of our favorite labels to the table and invite everyone to the party and partake in the fun phenomena of releasing top shelf music on cassette tapes in pop culture today!”

Last year’s Cassette Store Day was a huge success with stores participating in over eighty cities worldwide and releases from the likes of The Flaming Lips, At The Drive In, and Deerhunter.

“The Tape Cassette—-

Is the best bet yet

as the go-to medium

for medium-rare

—-or well-done



or record.” – Van Dyke Parks

“Cassette is a cool medium to listen to music on. Warm and fat. Good bottom end. Yeah!” – Bobby Gillespie



So if you are a label that make tapes and want to collab, let me know! or @jedshepherd is prob best.





FINALLY. A single, 18 years in the making. It’s “CRASH“, it’s MENSWE@R and its BRILL ON STILTS. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Jed, is there any chance you could just be a little bit biased, because, y’ know… it’s on your label?” and I would answer “Shut Up Injured Fox, stop bringing me down!*”

* see the ABOUT section.

You can order the Ltd Edition Cassette and Vinyl by clicking on this link: RIGHT HERE!

or click on Hettie‘s face over on the right!


From tomorrow you will also be able to get it on Itunes through Nuisance Recordings, but if you want to hold it in your hand and or use it as a prop for “Selfies” (“Casselfies” if its just with the cassette!)

You can also buy it in Rough Trade on vinyl and cassette and if you are in Tokyo, Japan, you can go to Vinyl Junkies and buy it there too. Follow Menswe@r on twitter @menswearband to find out where they are playing on tour and for a possible SECRET gig very very soon! There will be some records and tapes at the gigs, but to avoid disappointment, order now!






Start your POST/POP Records Collection now.



I first discovered Vinyl Theatre the usual way I discover new bands, sitting next to an insane man who started talking to me on a night bus. I can be quite social at times, but in the cold flickering light of a warm-sick smelling N8, my patience with strangers – regardless of how many times they touch my knee – wears thin. While he, quite convincingly, recanted the time he fought “about a dozen Russian guys”, I slowly reached for my red (not pink) headphones and casually rested them onto my head, making sure to nod the whole time to confirm I was listening, but now had to listen to some important work-related audio. Now I’m no gesticulation expert, but from the way he emphasised every other word with a low-punch in my direction, I can only assume that the Achilles heel of an angry Russian guy, is his groin. Take note Ukraine, aim high by aiming low.


So it was during this delightful episode I shuffled my way through my recently downloaded playlist (sourced from about a hundred music blogs) and landed upon Vinyl Theatre’s incredible earworm ‘Breaking Up My Bones’. I tapped the “song repeat” function and it became my soundtrack home. One song, one hour, dozens of bus-based idiots trying to spoil my enjoyment of this perfect tune.

I frantically emailed the band the next day about releasing this song on POST/POP, because everyone needs to protect themselves from people who try to talk to you on buses right? They replied with one better and they agreed to a release of their recent EP “CHROMATIC” on Ltd Edition Cassette Tape. The good guys win and everyone is happy. Below is some official info about the band:


Together, Keegan, Josh, Nick, and Chris have found a strong sense of camaraderie in music and each other, writing and performing as a cohesive unit. In one another, they have found balance, chemistry, and an intense and unwavering bond. And in music, they have found something worth fighting for, something with no limit or expiration date, something they believe in. Even in their title, “Vinyl Theatre”, the guys have strategically placed elements of the band’s dedication. Not only evoking a feel that fits their style, the name emphasizes musicianship and performance, and serves as a reminder to the band of their fans, who the band says they “ultimately do this for, on and off the stage.”

Claiming influences such as Two Door Cinema Club, The Killers, The Shins, and Death Cab For Cutie, Vinyl Theatre has taken what they’ve learned from these groups with a grain of salt, making a conscious effort to focus on their personal sound and progression being distinctly their own and separate from their influences. The band defines their music as modern indie rock with elements of electronica and pop, a sound that is “unique and differentiating.” Marked with bright synths, catchy hooks, lush vocal harmonies, and loud guitars, and described by critics as “mellowly loud”, “pop-savvy”, and “delightfully dancy”, Vinyl Theatre has a powerful sound all their own that has been well-received by fans and critics alike.

Having performed at venues and events such as Shank Hall, Bastille Days, and Yellow Phone Music Conference in Milwaukee, and Beat Kitchen and MOBfest in Chicago, the young group has had a fair amount of exposure to various fan bases in the past year. Vinyl Theatre has also opened for national touring acts twenty-one pilots, Royal Teeth, Parade of Lights, Makeshift Prodigy, Chappo, Five Knives, and Quiet Company. They have been featured on websites such as Frontiers LA, MadeLoud, JSOnline, and Milwaukee’s own Breaking and Entering as band of the month. Vinyl Theatre’s single “I Need You Here” was world premiered on California’s KX 93.5FM in Laguna Beach where their music is in regular rotation. Their music is also currently receiving heavy airplay in Europe, Milwaukee’s own FM 102.1 and WMUR, Marquette University Radio.

Yes, they do sound a bit like Two Door Cinema Club but the big difference is that Vinyl Theatre sing with the accents they were born with.

Hear the whole thing below:


Great right? You can order it digitally direct from the band on Itunes using this snazzy link:


and you can PREORDER THE LTD EDITION TAPE USING THIS LINK (or click on that picture of HETTIE on the right):

OR you can buy off the band at their shows as they have half of them. this is how you contact/find them online:

Tip: As POST/POP is getting more POST/POPULAR, the speed at which these tapes are selling increases, so if you want one, get it in the preorder rather than wait for the release date on 16th of June 2014.



KIITES EP “The Disguise” Out Tomorrow, MAY 10th!

Afternoon, you may remember that I wrote about this release here:

Now see the beautiful limited edition tapes with your eyes!


and the artwork close up! I either put Mikey Glenister on the spine to suggest that he is the “spine of the band“, or perhaps it was the only way everyone could fit. Also, If you put lot of the tapes together it looks like a Mikey Glenister army of clones, hell-bent on forcing you to stare into the middle-distance… or else.



You can see them live tomorrow at The Nest in Dalston, where you can buy these lovely tapes. Check out the KIITES FB for more deets:



Keep it POST/POP!






model village and no cars tapes!
model village and no cars tapes!


Tomorrow is May 7th, which means POST/POP releases two new albums by two brilliant bands. Look at how lovely they look above!

There is this one from MODEL VILLAGE

and there is this one from NO CARS

To be honest, alot of them are already gone through preorder, so you will need to come to their shows, where there will be a few for sale.

Just off the top of my head, NO CARS are having an album launch party tomorrow (MAY 7th) at PAPER DRESS in Shoreditch. Check out their FB for details: Also, HETTIE is supporting them so you will get a preview of new material before POST/POP releases an EP for her later this year.

MODEL VILLAGE play Cambridge on the 8th and London on May 10th at the Buffalo Bar. Details here:


ORDER BOTH ALBUMS HERE: (Or click on hettie’s face on the right)

Don’t forget, the KIITES EP is out this weekend too. Details to come!







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