The Top 10 Cassette Store Day 2014 UK Releases


Running a record label is hard work. You have to deal with people telling you that vinyl is old news, and that only anoraks collect it, and to get with the times, and you get force fed articles about independent record shops being closed down every other day. Imagine what it feels like to be a Tape Label. You not only feel the disdain of the general public, but you get looked down upon by the vinyl collectors (AND some record shops) for wanting to release things on a format most people consider “dead”. FUCK THEM. Do what you want to do as long as you enjoy it and it isn’t hurting anyone else, and to me, thats what Cassette Store Day is. Yes it’s essentially a pun on Record Store Day, but its also the one day a year when the little tape labels out there get to lift their heads up (from their shoes) when walking down the street, look a stranger directly in the eye and say “Hi, that tape you just bought… I made that!”

So this very morning, on the second ever Cassette Store Day, I woke up early and headed down to Rough Trade East to trawl through this year’s CSD 2014 releases. I bought alot more than 10, but these are my faves in order, counting down to my fave release this year. Before you see the countdown, have a look at the POST/POP releases today, which would all come joint first! All available today in shops and online shortly. Click any of the pictures to bring you to more info on these POST/POP CSD 2014 releases!









Now to my Top 10 (non post/pop releases!)


This is the 1st release on FoxBox Records. (An offshoot of Edinburgh record shop VoxBox Music).  It’s a 16 track compilation tape of stripped down acoustic sessions of Scottish and Edinburgh bands.  Features the likes of Paws, Pictish Trail and Trust fund.





9: Various Artists – Milk! Records Compilation (Kissability)

IMG_2753 IMG_2754



200 hand numbered copies with artwork by american artist: Nicholas Restivo. ‘Love Anyway!!! Even If…Fuck Off!! The HLT Plan – 20th Step’ features new stuff by: Half Japanese, Allah-La’s, Maria Minerva, king Tuff, Morgan Delt, La Luz, Cassie Ramone, Nun, Ava Luna and more.

IMG_2751 IMG_2752


Limited to 400 copies worldwide, 100 of which will make it to Europe for CSD2014, this is the highly acclaimed third album from Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings. Impossibly melodic, white-knuckle noise-rock that shimmers with sumptuous detail, from Baldi’s lone, corkscrewing guitar and dramatically improved singing, through bassist TJ Duke’s piledriving bass lines to drummer Jayson Gerycz’s volcanic fills.

IMG_2749 IMG_2750




New tracks from Pins in handmade packaging from the band, on turquoise cassette.

IMG_2761 IMG_2762 IMG_2763

5: VARIOUS – 80NZ (Rough Trade)

’80N7′ features 20 previously unreleased tracks by some of Rough Trade New York’s favourite emerging acts from across the US and UK, including Manchester’s Spring King, Denver’s Sunboy, and London’s Happyness. Operating under the premise that things sound ‘better homemade,’ the aim is to showcase bands that the shop feels capture the magic of DIY – they want you to hear the fingers sliding, the tiny imperfections, and most importantly, the passion that went into making them. Digital download card included. Limited to 150 copies.

IMG_2767 IMG_2768 IMG_2769



4: FEAR OF MEN // LOOM. (That Summer Feeling)

Fear Of Men’s excellent album ‘Loom’ on very limited red tape cassette exclusive for CSD 2014!

IMG_2747 IMG_2748


After releases by Ngunni Lovers Lovers and Fair Ohs, Dream Beach Records bring you the music of a traditional travelling Ethiopian musician, Kassahun. This unique taste of Ethiopian music is accompanied by an interviewed (translated into English) with Kassahun, about his life as a travelling minstrel.

IMG_2745 IMG_2746



Haus of Pins release their first split EP featuring Brown Brogues (UK) and Eternal Summers (US). The hand crafted, limited edition tapes are an official Cassette Store Day 2014 release. Manchester 2-piece Brown Brogues describe their lead single ‘You don’t know’ as ‘snotty and childish’. Mark Vernon of the band says, ‘Jay Reatard inspired the faster songs but ‘Don’t dance with my Girlfriend’ came from making cool 50’s sounds on an old amp and making it sound more like the Bell Peppers. I’d say Eagulls and Kid Congo have influenced this release too’. Hailing from Virginia, Pitchfork favourites Eternal Summers take over the flip side of the split with their hook laden dream pop – inspired by the likes of XTC, Ride, Radiohead and Squeeze. Window is the name of the lead track and it’s a ‘sonic dreamy noisy track that combines beauty and heavy noise’ according to front women Nicole Yun.

IMG_2758 IMG_2759



1: CASSIE RAMONE // THE TIME HAS COME (Comfortable On A Tightrope)

Debut solo album from legendary Vivian Girls / The Babies singer-songwriter Cassie Ramone, featuring Ariel Pink on Bass. The album has a somewhat contemporary take on what a modern day Karen Dalton record may sound like.




and here are the my TOP 10 CSD 2014 releases together. Aw!


photos: jed (if you want to use any of them, email me or tweet @jedshepherd. I am not available for any more hand modelling assignments. I was young, my hands were soft.)

words: jed

P.S. If you are reading this and want to start a record/tape label and don’t know where to start, I WILL HELP YOU. Just email me and I will help you as much as I can and all I ask is that in 60 years time, you come to my funeral and say nice things.





BUY THE NEW CASSETTE ONLY ALBUM BY ASH HEREASHart1click on the image above to see the artwork up close.



Released: In all good independent record shops for Cassette Store Day 2014 (September 27th 2014 to be exact). Available online the very next day from and

Quantity: Hyper Limited.

Excitement Level: RED.

Ash are quite simply the band that soundtracked my life. I was a kid when 1977 came out, and went through all of the same heartbreaks and fantastic summers that the lyrics invoked, ripping off lines from “Oh Yeah” in post-it note romances with whichever lucky girl held my affection for 5 minutes.. I was a rebellious, precocious, yet adventurous young man when Nuclear Sounds was released and it nearly finished me.  I was a hopeless, dreamy romantic by the time Free All Angels dropped (selling 3 million units in the process), making the job of mixtape-makers worldwide a whole load easier. When Meltdown was released, I too felt criminally underrated, in life/love/career, even though I tried so hard (RIP Audiojunkies). And by the time Twilight of the Innocents came along, I too was looking to the future for other projects and different ways of doing things (I guess ultimately that leads to POST/POP!).

I also wrote a film for them which holds such mythical qualities, I feel like it was written in unicorn blood on human skin called SLASHED. Also, along with Karen Staughton (nee PIPER aka PIPES) I organised the infamous 20th Anniversary #ASH20 event which involved the band performing 3 times in one day, compering by the simply awesome Josie Long, lots of bands and surprise guests (My Vitriol, Bloc Party, Feeder (!?) & the lovely Charlotte Hatherley – playing Burn Baby Burn at 3/4 speed and then double-time for a bit, and then back to 3/4) and convincing  the cafe nextdoor to the Garage to rename all of their menu with Ash puns. So what I’m trying to say here, is that we go way back and that I am humbled and excited that one of my favourite bands of all time (and one of the best British bands ever) have agreed to this special limited edition cassette tape for Cassette Store Day.

This 15 track album is made up of singles from the A-Z series, which was made up of 26 songs, released fortnightly over the course of a year. These songs are chosen by ASH as the best of a great bunch and there are not that many being made + there are no pre-orders, so once they are gone, they are gone forever!

How do you get them then Jed? Well stranger, nay potential friend, you can embrace Cassette Store Day on September 27th and take a walk to your local independent record shop (if they are taking part in CSD) where they will have a copy (Rough Trade, Sound it Out etc). If you cant make it to the shops, you may still have a chance as whatever is left will be put online on a first come first serve basis. You will be able to buy online from the next day (September 28th) from ASH or POST/POP.

BOOKMARK/SPREAD THIS PAGE – As this is where you will find the list of all shops that are selling the ASH tape on Cassette Store Day + a link to buy it online the day after. ASH are also in the process of recording a brand new album for release in 2015 so stay tuned to ASH-OFFICIAL for news on that. You can also pre-order lead singer TIM WHEELER’s debut solo album from HERE and you should because it’s going to be incred.…

If anyone wants further details just comment here, or email me or tweet me @jedshepherd or shout really loud for a long enough period of time to give chance and luck enough time to conspire.

words: jed
tape artwork: elisa dalla tor

POST/POP PRESENTS: MERSEY COP – The Greatest Scouse Martial Arts Movie Ever Made




MERSEY COP (+ Q&A with Matt Routledge: writer, star and director!)

VENUE: WHIRLED CINEMA // 259-260 Hardess St, London, SE24 0HN  Get directions




SYNOPSIS: Taunted by his peers for his Americanised cop persona, Conner Philips is unequaled in the art of fighting crime. Turning chopsticks, trouser belts, socks and towels into unusual weapons to combat crime, he is walking advertisement for the Mersey Police. However the kung-fu kicking scouse detective’s skills are put to the test when a new gangster moves to the north west and is determined to ruin the lives of every police officer in Liverpool. Unmoved by wealth, and motivated by vengeance, his message is a clear one. By placing a bomb at the top of the Liverpool tower, he hopes to lure the police into the building, seemingly to disarm the bomb. But he has other plans in mind for the innocent police officers…

Mersey Cop isn’t just the greatest scouse martial arts movie ever made, it also holds the honour of being one of my favourite films ever made. I know what you are thinking, “That’s a bold claim Jed, why haven’t I heard of it if it’s so good?” Well let me bring you up to speed….

The year was 2007 – September 2007 to be exact – and myself and my then housemates had just come home from watching a band I have no memory of. We were tipsy, tired and most of all hungry. Between the 4 of us, all we had in the fridge were eggs. EGGS. Yes Eggs. Lots of them, and as far as the eye could see (to the back of the fridge), so we decided to do what scientists thought (until this point) was impossible. We looked at each other. We looked at the eggs. We looked back at each other with the mutual sense that something special was going to happen. That was a night that would live on only as whispers in the wind; a cautionary tale that fathers tell their sons around campfires; an urban legend oft misremembered as pure fantasy. This was the night of THE TEN EGG OMELETTE. “But Jed, surely you didn’t make an omelette using ten eggs.. that’s impossible?!” That’s what they told us, but we did it. And we did it to the theme music from the Champions League playing on our tinny 2007 polyphonic phones. “The Chaaaaammmppiiiooonnsssss….” rang out into the east london night as we cracked egg number 10 (some scientists call this the “god egg”) and watched our food, nay mana, cool. Minutes later and we were all eating the ten egg omelette with our fingers, sprawled out across our sofas, while I (being the best with remote controls at 3am – years of insomnia) flicked for something suitably euphoric to watch.

Connor - action shot 2

I flicked past Simpsons reruns, a Bruce Willis Marathon (Now called Bruce Willis Snickers) and alot of soft-core Channel 5-esque porn until I reached a brand new channel I had never seen before. It wasn’t there the other day, and now here it was, today… there. I looked to my housemates for some kind of assistance with this quandary, but they were too engrossed in the aforementioned ten egg omelette. “I must call Guinness Book of World Records in the morning..” I heard one of them say to the other and I nodded as I tried to find out just what the hell was happening to the TV. “They can’t just spring a new channel on me” I said, looking directly at the Sky box. “They need to prepare me for this kind of thing. They need to send me a text or something. What if I were here by myself? What if I were the kind of person who became easily frightened at the thought of something new? Like that time I was on a bus and read that a new series of Red Dwarf was on that night. I had to get off at the next stop, find a bench and sit down for an hour, lost in my own thoughts…” I steadied myself and pressed the info button on the Sky remote. “MOVIES4MEN” it said, and little else.

Fist Of Justice 012

We are men!” I said to my housemates who had almost finished the ten egg omelette with smiles akin to scoring in a world cup final. “This channel is for US“. And for the night only, it was. I have little recollection what was on right at that moment, but I could see from the tv guide what was next. “FIST OF JUSTICE“. For 4 slightly drunk guys who had just eaten a ten egg omelette (yes you read right, TEN), those 3 words were like telling us we had got to the front of the cashpoint queue and the person before us had left a £20 note in the machine and was nowhere to be seen. Then I read the synopsis (above) to the other three guys and as I uttered the words “… kung-fu kicking scouse detective…” I already knew we were in this for the long haul.

We settled down and watched Fist of Justice while trying to google anything we could about it. Almost nothing. The IMDB page told us it was aka MERSEY COP and that it was written, directed and starred Matt Routledge but little else. “This is the best british film I have ever seen!” I said, but it was almost like it was a collective decision because we all thought it, just some of us still had remnant of the ten egg omelette in our mouths.


Connor - action shot

After it was done I checked the Sky record screen to make sure it had saved as I wanted to check it was a real thing we had watched, in the morning, and not some sort of gin-based dream. It wasn’t a dream, it was an explosive british martial arts movie, set in Liverpool with a multi-talented writer/director who just so happened to be an incredible martial artist with the comedy acting skills of Jim Carrey meets Bruce Campbell with a little dash of Benny Hill!

Fast Forward 7 years later and I am finally screening MERSEY COP the way it should be seen, IN A CINEMA as part of the wonderful SCALARAMA festival which runs for the whole month of September. It’s at Whirled Cinema (where I did a press screening of Birdemic 2 last year – yep I produced that!) in South London and features a Q&A with Matt Routledge himself! It’s on September 23rd 2014 and its totally free, just turn up before 8pm as its first come first serve! I am very very excited about this.

The poster was designed by Omar Hauksson (he did the wonderful Raid 2 posters!) and I’m in love with it. Yes that is a Mersey Ferry exploding out of the frame on fire. You’re going to love this film too, so I will see you there! If you need any info about this film or screening, email me: or via twitter @jedshepherd. Also, add Matt Routledge on twitter @kungfumatty.

Connor and Shianne





“Back To The Fuck Yeah!” CSD Tape Compilation ft. ASH/Everything Everything/Johnny Foreigner/We Are Scientists/Dutch Uncles and lots of POST/POP faves!



Back in 2006 I started a record label called Pop Will Prevail. The first 3 releases were split 7″ singles with Science Fiction Theatre, run by friend and professional northerner Michael Coates. Fast Forward 8 years and that’s the blueprint for this compilation album. Coincidentally, 2 of the aforementioned releases feature bands on this particular tape, just with slightly different names! (Apple eyes / Dutch Uncles)


I’m just going to rest my fingers for a second while I cut and paste the press release which says it all:

Twice now Science Fiction Theatre Records have put on some of the most fun and entertaining charity gigs in Manchester to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research and they back with two very special shows this year, one in London and one in Manchester. To accompany these charity gigs, SFT Records have teamed up with POST/POP Records of London to release a very special limited editionmixtape featuring album tracks, live recordings and remixes by some of our favourite bands including Metz, The Joy Formidable, Everything Everything, Dutch Uncles, Pulled Apart By Horses, Ash, Johnny Foreigner, We Are Scientists, Nine Black Alps, Menswe@r and many more!

This tape is limited to 200 copies, will cost £10 and 150 of them will
be available at the Back To The Future charity gigs in Manchester
(23rd August at Night & Day Cafe) and London (6th September at Brixton
Windmill) – entry to these gigs will be just £6 and will feature Sam
Forrest (of Nine Black Alps) / Winter Project / Stations / The Alpha
Machine in Manchester and Stations / DOE / WOAHNOWS plus sets from POST/POP artists HETTIE, APPLE EYES and NO CARS in London. As is now usual we will be
playing the film at both venues and we will have a Delorean at the
Manchester venue for photos (and hopefully at the London show as

The remaining 50 tapes will have exclusive 3D artwork (3D glasses
included!) and will be available on Cassette Store Day on 27th
September in London.

These events are always great fun and raise money for a great cause,
we’re hoping the addition of this super limited and no doubt highly
sought after mixtape featuring all these great bands who wanted to
help us will draw more attention to our gigs and fund raising efforts.
If your music publication or website can help us spread the word about
this (very!) newsworthy release and the gigs then that would be
amazing. A lot of bands are showing their support for this cause and
it would mean the world to us if the music press could also back us.

For more information please email and I will get
back to you as soon as possible. – Manchester ticket link – London ticket link

Okay it’s Jed again. just look at that tracklisting! I don’t think it is out of line to say that this is most likely the best damn pre-recorded compilation TAPE album of the last decade (at least!).

01 Rahh! – Pepa Knight
02 Shipping – Johnny Foreigner
03 Token – HAUS
04 Just The Way – HETTIE
05 Who Knows – Beginners
06 Body Double – Apple Eyes
07 Cress – No Cars
08 Indian Skull – Kiites
09 From The Bombs To The Beatles – Emily Capell
10 Splitting The Risk – Model Village
11 Crash ‘14 – Menswe@r
12 Wide Eyes – Kestrels
13 Return Of White Rabbit – ASH

01 Back To The Fuck Yeah (Live) – Pulled Apart By Horses
02 Build Against – Caves
03 Low Machs – WOAHNOWS
04 Cradle (Dutch Uncles Remix) – The Joy Formidable
05 Bellio (Sky Larkin Remix) – Dutch Uncles
06 Roll The Dice – Swines
07 Sprinkles – We Are Scientists
08 Come Back Around (Rob Schnapf Mix) – Nine Black Alps
09 Prisoner – Stations
10 Redo/Improve – DOE
11 Cough Cough (Live) – Everything Everything
12 When The Walls Fell – The Alpha Machine
13 Dirty Shirt – Metz

So you have lots of POST/POP faves (it’s almost like a “best of POST/POP” album, but thats gonna come at a later date!), some really big bands that have sold millions of records, some incredible new bands just about to break, all lovingly shoved onto one tape with gorgeous artwork. If you are very lucky, you will get your hands on one of the 50 3D versions with free 3D glasses for Cassette Store Day. At this moment, I can not confirm where you will be able to get the 3D version as CSD is quite confusing, but I know for sure there are going to be a whole load in Rough Trade East (london).

Have a better look at the artwork. This is the 3D version, MJF really pops! Click on the picture to make it big!


Just to reiterate, you will only be able to get this tape at the manchester or london gigs.

If by any fluke there are some of these tapes left (we really don’t expect there to be) then we might put them online, but as this is for CHARITY, we want to get as many people as poss to the gigs! You also get to buy me a drink which is pretty cool indeed. Did I tell you that at the london gig we are also having a FREE BBQ for all people who come? So you get a film, a million bands, food, access to a exclusive cassette tape all for £6? YES!

POST/POP and Science Fiction Theatre won’t make a single penny from this awesome tape as all proceeds will happily go to the Michael J Fox Foundation.

any questions, you are welcome to email me or hit me up on twitter @jedshepherd or accost me on the DLR.

This is going to be INCRED.





It has just been confirmed that the second ever Cassette Store Day is happening worldwide on September 27th 2014. Last year was big but that was before I had a record label. Now I have one, and I do lovely ltd edition tapes for the best bands around, I am going to make sure POST/POP gets involved. I intend to have a few events around this date, with gigs, meet-ups and multiple tape releases, all in celebration of cassettes!

I know the idea of having 1 day to celebrate tapes has been known to irk some tape labels (“every day is cassette store day to us man….”) but I always think it’s better that people talk about tapes for one day a year than zero days a year. This event is a way to put your label in the spotlight, which can be hard every other day of the year, as we are dealing with an old format in ltd quantities. This is the day when all that hard work you do the entire year can be appreciated by people who might not neccessarily come across it on a rainy tuesday in February. In conclusion I (and POST/POP) think CSD is a very very good thing and fully support the event and people who put it together.

This is the official word from the lovely CSD people:

Open up your Filofax, take out a pen, and save the date because Saturday September 27th 2014 marks the return of Cassette Store Day to your lives!

Following on from last year’s (unexpected) runaway success, the event will now be split between the US and UK/EU to ensure that audio cassette fans on both sides of the Atlantic get to snap up some great releases from musicians, new and old alike.

In the UK/EU Kissability and Suplex Cassettes will return to run things, and in the US, Burger Records in LA will co-ordinate the day from their end. Stores wishing to stock releases or put on an event will be able to sign up for free between June 30th and August 15th at where there will be downloadable guides for how to get involved.

Labels wishing to release a cassette on the day can also sign up from June 30th- August 15th at the same place for a small admin fee for of £10/£10. Anyone outside these territories is welcome to sign up using the UK site.

Jen Long of Kissability said, “When planning this year we really tried to keep cassette labels and fans at the heart of the event. Last year grew far bigger than we had expected so we are thrilled to have Burger involved to help us cover the US side.”

Burger Records said, “Burger Records loves tapes! We’ve built our foundation on the forgotten format and have been preaching the merits of warm analog cassette culture for years. We’re honored to be ambassadors of Cassette Store Day 2014 in the good ol USA! We plan to bring some of our favorite labels to the table and invite everyone to the party and partake in the fun phenomena of releasing top shelf music on cassette tapes in pop culture today!”

Last year’s Cassette Store Day was a huge success with stores participating in over eighty cities worldwide and releases from the likes of The Flaming Lips, At The Drive In, and Deerhunter.

“The Tape Cassette—-

Is the best bet yet

as the go-to medium

for medium-rare

—-or well-done



or record.” – Van Dyke Parks

“Cassette is a cool medium to listen to music on. Warm and fat. Good bottom end. Yeah!” – Bobby Gillespie



So if you are a label that make tapes and want to collab, let me know! or @jedshepherd is prob best.




First Press Photos for New Look MENSWE@R

(photos courtesy of Hannah Goodwin)

So in about a month, POST/POP are releasing the new single “CRASH” from MENSWE@R. I wrote about it here: You can preorder the Ltd Edition Vinyl and Cassette from Rough Trade or from the POST/POP SHOP (click on that photo of HETTIE on the right). In the meantime, the band have had a photo shoot and here are a couple of press shots you are welcome to share around social media, post on your blogs, or zoom in really closely to the Swearettes in MSPAINT because you’re awkward and pervy like that. If you are reading this and you need any info, just hit me up me on twitter @jedshepherd and I can either answer or put you in touch with someone who knows better than me (Steve Horry).

Here is the first one! Now if this isn’t the line-up for EXPENDABLES 3, then I’ll be disappointed.

new menswe@r line-up!
new menswe@r line-up!

click on the photo to make it bigger (you’ll want to)


Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Johnny Dean.

johnny dean summoning his inner beetlejuice/shining
johnny dean summoning his inner beetlejuice/shining



more goodies soon, keep checking back!