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It was in January this year when I first came across Dan Griffin. I had gratefully stumbled across a song called “The Hum” and it pretty much blew my mind. Here was a tune that was equal parts CHVRCHES and Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen for its small town dreams of escapism, CHVRCHES for its electronic heartbeat, forcing the narrative along to it’s synthy conclusion. I was fascinated by the story behind the song, as I had learnt of this strange phenomenon throughout my many years reading the Fortean Times. In certain cities in America (It’s normally America) an eerie hum can be heard with no known source. Some people can hear it, while others can’t. Some put it down to ambient animal noises, but there is a large portion of people out in the mid-west that believe its something otherworldly.

“Bordertown” the title track from the EP. Ace!

What is somewhat supernatural is the amount of time I have spent banging on about this EP to everyone I meet. Friends, Family, Felines, have all been press-ganged into flying the Dan Griffin flag, and here is why you should buy it. It’s an EP you will never stop listening to. It already sounds like a classic and I almost don’t want to hear an album as it might tarnish this, my perfect listening experience.



Find out more about Dan Griffin using the links below, buy the the tape on Cassette Store Day 2014 (September 27th) and then buy it online right here from September 28th!







TWO albums in one!


This year, more than most, I have become obsessed with certain songs. Obsessed to the point where I listen to a song on repeat for half a day until the lyrics become meaningless and the music is less music and more the sound of my heartbeat wowing and fluttering until sleep brings me sweet relief. This happened, quite suddenly with the M&O song “Jimi Savannah”. I first heard it while scouring the depths of the internet for new music to populate my radio show (I no longer do my radio show btw, in case you’ve been tuning in on Sundays!) and often tried to find excuses to play it twice on the same show. I then found out that M&O had an album with this song on it called “The Joy” and it fast became one of my standard go-to albums for when I needed guaranteed audio quality. But lo, what’s this? They have another album that preceded, called “Almost Us” and it features multiple guest appearances including Chance The Rapper? Amazing! Let’s stop here for just one second.


this album is “The Joy” and is Side A of the tape!

What if I told you there was a way to catch up on both of these incredible albums in a short space of time? What if I then went on to tell you there was a sure-fire way to be able to say to your best friend Bob (if you have a best friend and his name is Bob) “Bob, I know we have just recently become best friends, after a year or two of hanging out as just regular friends, and there was that one time where we fell out over that girl with the broken arm who works at the counter at WH Smiths, but I would like to draw your attention to TWO incred albums by ONE incred band on a beautifully made Limited Edition Cassette Tape, for Cassette Store Day…” WELL NOW YOU CAN.

“Almost Us” is Side 2 of the tape!

“Adventure Soul” is the new double album exclusively to POST/POP for CSD featuring “Almost Us” and “The Joy” featuring lots of guest appearances and the best soulful pop out of Chicago, Illinois.


Available in all your favourite participating Cassette Store Day record shops on September 27th and online on POST/POP the very next day. You will also be able to buy tapes from the band themselves so go follow these links and learn more about your new favourite band!





BUY THE NEW CASSETTE ONLY ALBUM BY ASH HEREASHart1click on the image above to see the artwork up close.



Released: In all good independent record shops for Cassette Store Day 2014 (September 27th 2014 to be exact). Available online the very next day from and

Quantity: Hyper Limited.

Excitement Level: RED.

Ash are quite simply the band that soundtracked my life. I was a kid when 1977 came out, and went through all of the same heartbreaks and fantastic summers that the lyrics invoked, ripping off lines from “Oh Yeah” in post-it note romances with whichever lucky girl held my affection for 5 minutes.. I was a rebellious, precocious, yet adventurous young man when Nuclear Sounds was released and it nearly finished me.  I was a hopeless, dreamy romantic by the time Free All Angels dropped (selling 3 million units in the process), making the job of mixtape-makers worldwide a whole load easier. When Meltdown was released, I too felt criminally underrated, in life/love/career, even though I tried so hard (RIP Audiojunkies). And by the time Twilight of the Innocents came along, I too was looking to the future for other projects and different ways of doing things (I guess ultimately that leads to POST/POP!).

I also wrote a film for them which holds such mythical qualities, I feel like it was written in unicorn blood on human skin called SLASHED. Also, along with Karen Staughton (nee PIPER aka PIPES) I organised the infamous 20th Anniversary #ASH20 event which involved the band performing 3 times in one day, compering by the simply awesome Josie Long, lots of bands and surprise guests (My Vitriol, Bloc Party, Feeder (!?) & the lovely Charlotte Hatherley – playing Burn Baby Burn at 3/4 speed and then double-time for a bit, and then back to 3/4) and convincing  the cafe nextdoor to the Garage to rename all of their menu with Ash puns. So what I’m trying to say here, is that we go way back and that I am humbled and excited that one of my favourite bands of all time (and one of the best British bands ever) have agreed to this special limited edition cassette tape for Cassette Store Day.

This 15 track album is made up of singles from the A-Z series, which was made up of 26 songs, released fortnightly over the course of a year. These songs are chosen by ASH as the best of a great bunch and there are not that many being made + there are no pre-orders, so once they are gone, they are gone forever!

How do you get them then Jed? Well stranger, nay potential friend, you can embrace Cassette Store Day on September 27th and take a walk to your local independent record shop (if they are taking part in CSD) where they will have a copy (Rough Trade, Sound it Out etc). If you cant make it to the shops, you may still have a chance as whatever is left will be put online on a first come first serve basis. You will be able to buy online from the next day (September 28th) from ASH or POST/POP.

BOOKMARK/SPREAD THIS PAGE – As this is where you will find the list of all shops that are selling the ASH tape on Cassette Store Day + a link to buy it online the day after. ASH are also in the process of recording a brand new album for release in 2015 so stay tuned to ASH-OFFICIAL for news on that. You can also pre-order lead singer TIM WHEELER’s debut solo album from HERE and you should because it’s going to be incred.…

If anyone wants further details just comment here, or email me or tweet me @jedshepherd or shout really loud for a long enough period of time to give chance and luck enough time to conspire.

words: jed
tape artwork: elisa dalla tor

“Back To The Fuck Yeah!” CSD Tape Compilation ft. ASH/Everything Everything/Johnny Foreigner/We Are Scientists/Dutch Uncles and lots of POST/POP faves!



Back in 2006 I started a record label called Pop Will Prevail. The first 3 releases were split 7″ singles with Science Fiction Theatre, run by friend and professional northerner Michael Coates. Fast Forward 8 years and that’s the blueprint for this compilation album. Coincidentally, 2 of the aforementioned releases feature bands on this particular tape, just with slightly different names! (Apple eyes / Dutch Uncles)


I’m just going to rest my fingers for a second while I cut and paste the press release which says it all:

Twice now Science Fiction Theatre Records have put on some of the most fun and entertaining charity gigs in Manchester to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research and they back with two very special shows this year, one in London and one in Manchester. To accompany these charity gigs, SFT Records have teamed up with POST/POP Records of London to release a very special limited editionmixtape featuring album tracks, live recordings and remixes by some of our favourite bands including Metz, The Joy Formidable, Everything Everything, Dutch Uncles, Pulled Apart By Horses, Ash, Johnny Foreigner, We Are Scientists, Nine Black Alps, Menswe@r and many more!

This tape is limited to 200 copies, will cost £10 and 150 of them will
be available at the Back To The Future charity gigs in Manchester
(23rd August at Night & Day Cafe) and London (6th September at Brixton
Windmill) – entry to these gigs will be just £6 and will feature Sam
Forrest (of Nine Black Alps) / Winter Project / Stations / The Alpha
Machine in Manchester and Stations / DOE / WOAHNOWS plus sets from POST/POP artists HETTIE, APPLE EYES and NO CARS in London. As is now usual we will be
playing the film at both venues and we will have a Delorean at the
Manchester venue for photos (and hopefully at the London show as

The remaining 50 tapes will have exclusive 3D artwork (3D glasses
included!) and will be available on Cassette Store Day on 27th
September in London.

These events are always great fun and raise money for a great cause,
we’re hoping the addition of this super limited and no doubt highly
sought after mixtape featuring all these great bands who wanted to
help us will draw more attention to our gigs and fund raising efforts.
If your music publication or website can help us spread the word about
this (very!) newsworthy release and the gigs then that would be
amazing. A lot of bands are showing their support for this cause and
it would mean the world to us if the music press could also back us.

For more information please email and I will get
back to you as soon as possible. – Manchester ticket link – London ticket link

Okay it’s Jed again. just look at that tracklisting! I don’t think it is out of line to say that this is most likely the best damn pre-recorded compilation TAPE album of the last decade (at least!).

01 Rahh! – Pepa Knight
02 Shipping – Johnny Foreigner
03 Token – HAUS
04 Just The Way – HETTIE
05 Who Knows – Beginners
06 Body Double – Apple Eyes
07 Cress – No Cars
08 Indian Skull – Kiites
09 From The Bombs To The Beatles – Emily Capell
10 Splitting The Risk – Model Village
11 Crash ‘14 – Menswe@r
12 Wide Eyes – Kestrels
13 Return Of White Rabbit – ASH

01 Back To The Fuck Yeah (Live) – Pulled Apart By Horses
02 Build Against – Caves
03 Low Machs – WOAHNOWS
04 Cradle (Dutch Uncles Remix) – The Joy Formidable
05 Bellio (Sky Larkin Remix) – Dutch Uncles
06 Roll The Dice – Swines
07 Sprinkles – We Are Scientists
08 Come Back Around (Rob Schnapf Mix) – Nine Black Alps
09 Prisoner – Stations
10 Redo/Improve – DOE
11 Cough Cough (Live) – Everything Everything
12 When The Walls Fell – The Alpha Machine
13 Dirty Shirt – Metz

So you have lots of POST/POP faves (it’s almost like a “best of POST/POP” album, but thats gonna come at a later date!), some really big bands that have sold millions of records, some incredible new bands just about to break, all lovingly shoved onto one tape with gorgeous artwork. If you are very lucky, you will get your hands on one of the 50 3D versions with free 3D glasses for Cassette Store Day. At this moment, I can not confirm where you will be able to get the 3D version as CSD is quite confusing, but I know for sure there are going to be a whole load in Rough Trade East (london).

Have a better look at the artwork. This is the 3D version, MJF really pops! Click on the picture to make it big!


Just to reiterate, you will only be able to get this tape at the manchester or london gigs.

If by any fluke there are some of these tapes left (we really don’t expect there to be) then we might put them online, but as this is for CHARITY, we want to get as many people as poss to the gigs! You also get to buy me a drink which is pretty cool indeed. Did I tell you that at the london gig we are also having a FREE BBQ for all people who come? So you get a film, a million bands, food, access to a exclusive cassette tape all for £6? YES!

POST/POP and Science Fiction Theatre won’t make a single penny from this awesome tape as all proceeds will happily go to the Michael J Fox Foundation.

any questions, you are welcome to email me or hit me up on twitter @jedshepherd or accost me on the DLR.

This is going to be INCRED.


Ltd Edition Self-Titled EP for LA’s BEGINNERS – OUT NOW!

It’s been a great summer for incredible pop songs. BEGINNERS have managed to fight their way to my “amazing pop songs that came out of nowhere list 2014”. This self-titled EP is a trojan horse of superbly-crafted earworm-cultivating pop gems that just get better the more you listen. It’s the unforgettable “Who Knows” that you might have heard of before as you’ve browsed gossip hound Perez Hilton‘s site or maybe you know the song from seeing THIS VIDEO on Huffington Post of a man dancing backwards.



BEGINNERS are Samantha Barbera – Vocals/Bass, Neeraj Kane – Guitar (Keys) and Jason Walker on Drums and they are based in LA. The best thing I can do is point you toward the video to their song “Who Knows” so you get the idea of why I’m releasing this little tape for them!

This self-titled EP is limited to 100 tapes. POST/POP has 50 that’s available in the shop and Samantha has 50 which you should be able to get from the band when they tour (I think they are going to be in europe later this year too!)

Have a look at how lovely the tape looks. Samantha wanted them to be transparent black and I’ve not made tapes with those shells before, but they came out SO good.


Buy the tape while there’s still some left by clicking on THIS LINK, or on the picture of HETTIE on the right that says “SHOP” on it! You can also buy it by walking into Rough Trade. You can find out more about BEGINNERS by clicking on the below links:

You can also buy the digital version of this EP (you know, if for some reason you’re not keen on tapes!) by visiting the BEGINNERS itunes:


hope you enjoy it guys!



p.s. this is the last POST/POP tape of the summer. Yes, there will be no tapes in August but there WILL be POST/POP tshirts! Why is there a break? because I am saving them all up for Cassette Store Day on September 27th where there will be 5 or 6 releases on one day! Very special releases from some of the biggest bands around today. There will be no preorder for these tapes, and they will be available in all good record stores and this site!



“Rahh!” is the best song I have heard in 2014. I think that’s a good place to start this. We are halfway through the year and I’ve already heard my song of the summer, nay, the year and it’s all kinds of gorgeous. PEPA KNIGHT, he of Jinja Safari, hails from Sydney, Australia but sounds like he is from another planet, deciding to visit us here on the shiny bluey-greeny thing to bestow the intergalactic gift of POP.


It’s difficult to explain how much I love this song without hearing it first. Click on that link above the article and within seconds you’ll know what I’m talking about. See? I listen to music most of my waking day (not to mention the dream hours I put in) and go all out to try to find the best songs for my radio show and I can firmly say that, this beats all of them. If I was that way inclined, I’d make this my ringtone, and send texts to everyone in my contacts saying “call now, I’m in trouble, they’ve got my….” JUST to hear “Rahh” once again (and also to test my friends and family – which is an ongoing experiment and the results are inconclusive).


So you’ve made friends with your ears, how about giving your eyes a chance?

and you can listen to “CLAMS” here too. It sounds like the euphoric moment before your childhood spaceship crashes into the Okavango Delta and spills out all the harmonies in the world into the endorheic basin of the Kalahari. It’s currently on rotation on Australia’s Triple J so if you are anywhere else in the world, this is for you!

POST/POP is releasing “Rahh” and “Clams” as a double A-side cassingle on July 16th, which is not only the day that Elvis died, but also an ex-girlfriend’s birthday so I am trying to replace bad memories with good ones. Here is the artwork and its every shade of lovely.



Find out more about PEPA KNIGHT in these places:


and if you like the cassette, (or its sold out) check out PEPA KNIGHT’s ITUNES where you can buy and listen to them in a futuristic format!











I guess you could tape the song off the radio, print out this artwork and then not buy the tape, but don't do that please!
I guess you could tape the song off the radio, print out this artwork and then not buy the tape, but don’t do that please!


When I first started POST/POP, Apple Eyes were one of the first bands on my list to approach about releasing a tape, just after SLAYER and the soundtrack to Ernest Scared Stupid. Slayer rudely never came back to me and Jim Varney died (RIP) so I was very pleased it wasn’t 3 strikes out.

apple eyes tapes

I’ve known Claire and Matt from Apple Eyes for about 10 years (?!), through various different bands including; Fantastic Mr Fox, The Hidden Messages and now Apple Eyes. The one thing that connects all of these bands is the pursuit of pop perfection (high five to all the alliteration-heads out there) and in every iteration, there has been some of the best choruses committed to song. Body Double is no different, and I’d go as far as saying its their most “Immediate” song yet. what do I mean by “Immediate“? It’s how you measure a good pop song; by its immediacy. How quick you say the words “FUCK THAT’S A GOOD SONG!” is where a tune sits on the Immediacy Scale. Even though I’ve only just invented the Immediacy Scale, “Body Double” by Apple Eyes gets a high 9.5.



Sweetabix right? You can preorder now by clicking on the shop link at the top of the page or on that picture of HETTIE over on the right or by CLICKING ON THESE WORDS.

This single is LTD to 50 beautifully poppy cassettes and Matt informed me yesterday that there is even cassette based easter eggs about halfway through the song. See if you can notice it (I didn’t until I was specifically told!)

Find out more about APPLE EYES using the links below and try not to love them TOO much as they’ll break your hearts with POP.