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MENSWE@R don’t need any introduction from me. Britpop superstars. The band indie kids love and hate in equal measure. The band thats taken up a million column inches in music publications for years. The band that some people know more about from rumours, rather than the music. The band that actually make incredible pop songs that stand the test of time. Menswe@r released “CRASH” on POST/POP on June 2nd 2014. Check out where they are playing and what they are up to here:


VT2VINYL THEATRE: Together, Keegan, Josh, Nick, and Chris have found a strong sense of camaraderie in music and each other, writing and performing as a cohesive unit. In one another, they have found balance, chemistry, and an intense and unwavering bond. And in music, they have found something worth fighting for, something with no limit or expiration date, something they believe in. Even in their title, “Vinyl Theatre”, the guys have strategically placed elements of the band’s dedication. Not only evoking a feel that fits their style, the name emphasizes musicianship and performance, and serves as a reminder to the band of their fans, who the band says they “ultimately do this for, on and off the stage.”

Claiming influences such as Two Door Cinema Club, The Killers, The Shins, and Death Cab For Cutie, Vinyl Theatre has taken what they’ve learned from these groups with a grain of salt, making a conscious effort to focus on their personal sound and progression being distinctly their own and separate from their influences. The band defines their music as modern indie rock with elements of electronica and pop, a sound that is “unique and differentiating.” Marked with bright synths, catchy hooks, lush vocal harmonies, and loud guitars, and described by critics as “mellowly loud”, “pop-savvy”, and “delightfully dancy”, Vinyl Theatre has a powerful sound all their own that has been well-received by fans and critics alike.


DSCF9500 KIITES! So who are they? Well they are from Southend, Essex and have been championed by the likes of BBC Introducing, Eddy Temple Morris and.. ME! Here’s another look at them. Handsome bunch, the lot of them!In a Guardians of the Galaxy line-up stylee, this is what you know: Sophiejo Penn – vocals, cats, harry potter; Benjamin Bowen – lead guitar, glasses, ribs; Harry Kaye – bass, tattoos, left handed; Sean Paterson – rhythm guitar, hats, vests; Mikey Glenister – drums/wrestling/beards. KIITES released THE DISGUISE EP on POST/POP in May 2014.



MODEL VILLAGE are essentially the Avengers. A supergroup made up of ultra-talented musicians who sometimes get together and make beautiful music under the guise of a pop-folk band from Cambridge (Dan, Ian, Piers, Rachel, Kev, Kenny, Lily, Ellie and Mark are all current or former members of the residents’ committee.) Now I’m not saying any of them can fly per se, but THEIR SONGS SURE DO. “You Chose These Woes” is the second album from Model Village and its jam-packed full of songs that help you remember that folk needn’t be a dirty word.


hettie1HETTIE is a singer/songwriter from Littlehampton in the UK. She currently goes to BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music) where she is learning to be a little pop star. Hettie came on my radio show in September 2013 and won me over with her love of Adventure Time and making the best songs possible. She’s kinda folky, kinda poppy, kinda brilliant. Find out more at her site:


ems2 I first met Emily Capell when she came on my radio show and made her do a ouiji board. I can only describe her music as pop-protest as it has all the fire of a protest song, but with killer pop choruses. She is also in my short film ‘Emily Ever After’ where she plays a girl at the end of the world, stuck with a robot for a friend, on the search for Bill Cosby while making mixtapes for the dead. Find out more about Emily at



no_cars NO CARS! My favourite Japanese girl-band that isnt AKB48! I’d seen No Cars play live a few times and it’s less of a show, more of an experience. audience participation, costumes, sellotape, and underneath it all, the most unique and fun songs you’ll hear today. They are from Tokyo but they all now live in Hackney. POST/POP is releasing their album ‘Yoko Eats Whales’ on Feb 26th. Find out more on their facebook:


kestrels1Fueled by a summer spent living in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, far removed from the insular peninsula of Halifax, KESTRELS‘ guitarist/vocalist Chad Peck wrote a record that thoroughly mines out concepts of nostalgia and memory. Recorded in various bursts of activity over 2010 and 2011 along with an updated mix of live staple “The Light” from The Solipsist EP (Noyes Records, 2010), lyrically, the album answers a question posed in Jean Baudrillard’s essay from The Vital Illusion: “Is a ghost history, a spectral history, still a history?”  Where  KESTRELS’ debut LP  Primary Colours (Noyes Records, 2009) was a relatively safe sonic affair,  their sophomore full length  A Ghost History, their first for revered Canadian independent label Sonic Unyon Records, ups the ante considerably. Self-producing the record to ensure it met their own standards, sometimes refining and re-recording songs multiple times over the year (album closer “The Past Rests” was tracked 23 times in four different recording sessions) until everyone was satisfied). In 2014 though, POST/POP are releasing Kestrel’s first tape! Find out more @

appleeyesI’ve known london-based Apple Eyes for a long time and unlike an apple, they have got better with age. They know how to write perfect little pop songs and that’s exactly what I want from a band. Songs to make me punch the air when a bridge is done so well, I can almost predict the chord progression in the upcoming chorus, and I’m grateful when it arrives, fully formed and earworm-personified. Check them out here:




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