TWO albums in one!


This year, more than most, I have become obsessed with certain songs. Obsessed to the point where I listen to a song on repeat for half a day until the lyrics become meaningless and the music is less music and more the sound of my heartbeat wowing and fluttering until sleep brings me sweet relief. This happened, quite suddenly with the M&O song “Jimi Savannah”. I first heard it while scouring the depths of the internet for new music to populate my radio show (I no longer do my radio show btw, in case you’ve been tuning in on Sundays!) and often tried to find excuses to play it twice on the same show. I then found out that M&O had an album with this song on it called “The Joy” and it fast became one of my standard go-to albums for when I needed guaranteed audio quality. But lo, what’s this? They have another album that preceded, called “Almost Us” and it features multiple guest appearances including Chance The Rapper? Amazing! Let’s stop here for just one second.


this album is “The Joy” and is Side A of the tape!

What if I told you there was a way to catch up on both of these incredible albums in a short space of time? What if I then went on to tell you there was a sure-fire way to be able to say to your best friend Bob (if you have a best friend and his name is Bob) “Bob, I know we have just recently become best friends, after a year or two of hanging out as just regular friends, and there was that one time where we fell out over that girl with the broken arm who works at the counter at WH Smiths, but I would like to draw your attention to TWO incred albums by ONE incred band on a beautifully made Limited Edition Cassette Tape, for Cassette Store Day…” WELL NOW YOU CAN.

“Almost Us” is Side 2 of the tape!

“Adventure Soul” is the new double album exclusively to POST/POP for CSD featuring “Almost Us” and “The Joy” featuring lots of guest appearances and the best soulful pop out of Chicago, Illinois.


Available in all your favourite participating Cassette Store Day record shops on September 27th and online on POST/POP the very next day. You will also be able to buy tapes from the band themselves so go follow these links and learn more about your new favourite band!









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