FINALLY. A single, 18 years in the making. It’s “CRASH“, it’s MENSWE@R and its BRILL ON STILTS. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Jed, is there any chance you could just be a little bit biased, because, y’ know… it’s on your label?” and I would answer “Shut Up Injured Fox, stop bringing me down!*”

* see the ABOUT section.

You can order the Ltd Edition Cassette and Vinyl by clicking on this link: RIGHT HERE!

or click on Hettie‘s face over on the right!


From tomorrow you will also be able to get it on Itunes through Nuisance Recordings, but if you want to hold it in your hand and or use it as a prop for “Selfies” (“Casselfies” if its just with the cassette!)

You can also buy it in Rough Trade on vinyl and cassette and if you are in Tokyo, Japan, you can go to Vinyl Junkies and buy it there too. Follow Menswe@r on twitter @menswearband to find out where they are playing on tour and for a possible SECRET gig very very soon! There will be some records and tapes at the gigs, but to avoid disappointment, order now!






Start your POST/POP Records Collection now.


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